They’re a Great, Underserved Audience

Reading Olivia Perreault’s article on TicketNews about the Oakland Athletics offering kids under 12 free tickets in September brought to mind Jim’s post about trying to “get ‘em young.” Jim wrote:

“Should a live entertainment/arts organization bother trying to “get ‘em young?”

Yes, but for two reasons, and a third pseudo-reason.

First, you should try to get young attendees because they’re a great, underserved audience. Take it from a guy who sells a lot of tickets to a lot of different kinds of things in a lot of different places: There are NOT ENOUGH GOOD SHOWS FOR CHILDREN. That means that if you’re even sort of good, you can do very well. As an audience today, kids are a goldmine that a lot of people just don’t want to reach because, well, I’m not sure why. Kids should be taken seriously as an audience. They don’t go to “crap” because they like crap. It’s because adults, rather condescendingly, serve them up crap. Remember: Seven-year-olds started tearing through 1,000 page books when someone (JK Rowling) started writing for them. Books and movies have figured this out, but not live entertainment. Why is that? Please tell me it’s not because our industry feels it’s too “good” for them.

Second, … “

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