Theatre for One (Person) = Frame-Breaker

“Almost nothing is too bold to be unacceptable now,” wrote Jim in his post, Breaking the Frame, in which he explained the phrase as a building or a show or an approach to marketing that escapes the container in which it’s normally held. He continued:

“Very few of the old norms will withstand the next few years in business, entertainment and in many other areas of our lives. This is not necessarily a bad or a good thing, but it’s real. That little voice in your head telling you that things are changing rapidly is the one you need to be listening to.”

Enter Theatre for One, a portable theater, like a confession booth or elevator, parking itself on the streets of New York City that allows one person at a time to view one three-minute piece by a single actor for free on a first-come, first-served basis. All of the commissioned works used the phrase “I’m not the stranger you think I am” as a jumping-off point.

Brookfield Place is one of three locations playing host to Theatre for One over the next two months. According to Arts Brookfield’s vice president and artistic director Debra Simon, “It’s art in unexpected places and we try to do unexpected things.”

Read more about the project in this recent Associated Press article. And watch Christine Jones, the Tony-winning scenic designer (American Idiot) who conceived Theatre for One, speak at TEDxBroadway 2013 below:

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