Theaters Rethink Their Culture

We’ve written about theater etiquette here on Selling Out (You can see people’s biggest theater etiquette pet peeve here). It’s something we all think about as people who market (and attend) live events.

Last year, we covered what are known as relaxed performances, which don’t frown as much on late arrivals, noise or movement.

In his Guardian article, David Jays examines the rise of relaxed spaces where anything goes.

Jays quotes performer and activist Jess Thom, who has Tourette syndrome:

“These spaces can be beacons of our community, sending out messages of love, kindness and welcome. I don’t want anyone to miss out on that.”

Jays also quotes Tarek Iskander, the artistic director of  London’s Battersea Arts Centre, “the world’s first fully relaxed venue”:

“ … just saying that it’s OK to be late, to move around, to make a noise, puts everyone at ease.”

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