The Year Ahead: Predictions From Marketing Experts

Marketing Land has compiled 20 expert predictions for what successful marketers will do in 2019.

We share three below, then read the rest of the predictions here.

“Email marketing trends to expect in 2019
To maximize revenue from email marketing campaigns, marketers need to ensure they are sending relevant content to high quality value email subscribers and stop focusing on the total quantity of emails sent.
— Kyle Henderick

Want to create better experiences and brand loyalty? Lean on your data
Now more than ever, consumers expect brands to understand them and treat engagements as evidence that they are committed to knowing them better as individuals.
— Nick Worth

New ways to approach SEO in 2019: Accountability and customer experiences
Consumers are not only looking to identify a product or service to meet their needs, they’re using search to learn everything they possibly can.
— Jim Yu

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