The Value of Touching Humans, Not Screens

Jim frequently talks about how live entertainment enriches people’s lives. “People go to the game [or event] because they want to be a witness to it,” he writes in his post, Why Do People Go to Live Events in the First Place? He continues:

“They want to be there when it happened. They want to have an unmediated experience of something special (hopefully) and, 10 years of selling millions of tickets to millions of people has taught me, they want to witness the game (or show, or whatever) with other people. They want to share that experience with other people and get the benefit of those other people making it special by being there. They want to talk about it afterward, possibly for the rest of their lives.”

The same can be said for live dancing, which is experiencing a boom right now in the Big Apple. “Young New Yorkers Revive Old Dance Craze,” reads a recent The Wall Street Journal headline. Millennial New Yorkers are spending their weekend nights dancing — sans drinking — in circles with strangers.

Because “ultimately, you see something live because it’s more exciting than it is at home,” says Jim in his above-mentioned post, “and a big part of that feeling is that there are other people there.”

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