The Secret to More Followers on Instagram

As you probably already know (especially if you’re a regular reader), Instagram can be a fantastic way to reach audiences and sell tickets. If you’re looking to increase your organization’s followers on Instagram, check out these tips writer Brian D. Evans gathered from some of the biggest names on the social media platform:

“If you want to build a big Instagram following your number one focus needs to be getting as many big Instagram accounts to share your content, and tag your account in the caption of the image as possible,” [Nathan] Chan (@foundrmagazine) says.

“Consistently post 3-4 times per day so that your audience is constantly sharing your content with their friends,” says [Sammy] Kaufman (@themostfamousmemes).

“Have great content. Know what audience you’re going after and provide content that resonates with them,” says Matt Gottesman (@hdfmagazine). “Have a clear bio. … Ask your audience for feedback. Get to know them. Ask them questions either on your actual post or within the captions. Answer your follower’s comments so long as you feel they’re positive and engaging for your brand.”

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