The Secret to Attracting New Fans

Editor’s note: Finding the right language to describe your live event can often be as tricky as producing the event itself. To offer some guidance in the world of writing and content marketing, we’re featuring a series of interviews with Kristen Giordani, Goldstar‘s Vice President of Content and Merchandising (read part one here and part two here). In this part, Kristen outlines how Goldstar gets their members excited to attend events for the first time or attend shows and events that they wouldn’t normally go to. 

What strategies does Goldstar use to get members excited about events that are new to them. For example, how do you get non-sports fans excited for a baseball game? Or someone who’s never been to the symphony to want to go?

We do this in various ways – it’s really at the heart of every event summary we write and every promotion (big and small) we do every day. Our goal is get people to go out to things they wouldn’t normally think about going to. We do that by highlighting the aspects of these events that the typical fan wouldn’t necessarily care about. With baseball, for example, non-baseball fans could care less about which team is in first place or whether the buzzed-about pitcher will be at the mound on game day. But they do care about getting together with friends on a warm summer night to sip on beer, throw back some peanuts and maybe do the wave. It’s about the experience of going and being there as much as it is about the event right in front of them. We try to bring that out.

Before working at Goldstar, you primarily worked in the beauty industry. Were there any overlaps in how you approach the content of these two topics? Or anything you learned from the beauty world that you were able to apply to live entertainment?
Absolutely. Beauty is also about experimentation and trying something new – whether it’s bangs or a bold red lip. Goldstar has a similar goal: to get people to try something they wouldn’t have otherwise done before. So our job is to put these ideas out there and tell people why they might want to give them a try. The end result (the makeover or actually going to the event) is also very similar – out of it you feel more creative and inspired. In the same way a great blowout makes you feel like you’re two inches taller, seeing a great live show makes you feel like you’ve lived. It fills you with ideas and good vibes.

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