The Reason Your Fans Aren’t Following You on Social Media

Looking to boost your social media followers and engagement? Then it’s time for a little tough love from contributor Nicolas Cole

Cole’s main lesson: “Either do social media the right way or don’t do it at all.” So what does it mean to do social media “the right way”? For starters, you need to think about what your audience cares about first and foremost, and that’s not always what your theater or venue is trying to promote. You’ve got to provide value and give them a real reason to want to follow you. 

Are you putting in the effort with your social media? Photo credit: CONTENTKRAFT via Unsplash

Are you putting in the effort with your social media? Photo credit: CONTENTKRAFT via Unsplash

For more help, check out Cole’s breakdown of a great Instagram post: 

“1. Photography
First and foremost, unless the photo is breathtaking, don’t even bother. That needs to be your mentality. Now, will they all be breathtaking? Probably not. But that’s the standard you should hold for yourself and your brand. Every photo matters and contributes to the larger portrait you are trying to paint. With every photo you are competing against all the other millions and millions of photos out there. Stage it right. Craft it right. Edit it right. Do it right.

2. First Paragraph
People think Instagram means short captions. Wrong. Provide. People. Value. Let’s say you’re a window manufacturer. Which is more helpful to a customer, a caption that says, “Another beautiful day!” or a caption that says, “The difference between double-pane and triple-pane windows is the fact that double-pane windows…” and off you go. Teach them something. Show them how to do it on their own. Give them a reason to stop, look at the photo, and actually take away a valuable piece of information.

3. Second Paragraph–Added Value
Are you done? No! After you’ve already taught them something valuable, encourage them to go somewhere else to learn even more. Maybe you just posted an amazing blog about how to install your own double-pane windows. Put that link in your Instagram bio and let people know that if they need more help, they can click that link.

4. Promotion 
At the end of your post, in a very clean, professional, “signature” sort of way, give yourself and your business a little shameless promotion. Let people know about a sale that is going on or where they can sign up to receive discounts in the future, etc. It’s best to do this every few posts, instead of every day.

5. Hashtags
And finally, include a handful of relevant hashtags so that your page can gain a bit of visibility. But be classy about it–there’s no need to go overboard. Just a few are all you need. Imagine this level of detail, every single day, twice a day, for one or two years straight. On one platform. That’s how you build an audience.”

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