The Reason Fans Aren’t Paying Attention to You on Social Media

Does it ever feel like you’re posting and tweeting into a void? Waiting for likes or comments but getting nothing? It might be bad luck, or you might be missing the mark when it comes to your social media strategy.

To help get you back on track, check out these tips from Entrepreneur contributor Ryan Erskine. You can read the full list here and see our favorites below:

“1. You’re not posting often enough.

When drafting a social media posting schedule, remember that you’re not looking to check off boxes, you’re looking to get attention for yourself and your brand. … If you’re looking for an easy way to get more attention for yourself, increase the number of times you post each day, period.

3. You’re not memorable.

Memorability can come from a number of things. Consistency is certainly up there — the more often you see or hear something, the more memorable it is. I know Geico can save me 15 percent or more on car insurance because it’s been drilled into my psyche.

On average, it takes five to seven impressions to remember a brand. Now just imagine how many more times it will take if you look and sound like everyone else.

So focus on standing out. Share your story and be personable. Look for ways to delight your fans, compliment people, collaborate and make your audience feel positive emotions when they see your name. All of that work will ensure that the next time they think of your industry, they’ll make the connection — ding — and think of you too.

7. You’re not adding any value.

Take a hard look at the content you’re sharing on social media. Are you just posting news articles from the same publication with no commentary? Are you adding anything original to the conversation?

If you’re not giving people a reason to share your content, they won’t. There is far too much competition on social media for you to stand out by being forgettable and unoriginal.

Sharing your own original content is a great way to provide unique value. So too is sharing a carefully selected mix of external news articles, blog posts, pictures, and videos. There’s nothing wrong with being a “content DJ,” as long as you’re doing your job well. Make your news feed visually appealing, share a variety of content and give your audience something valuable to come back to day after day.

11. You’re just focusing on yourself.

If you share content that is interesting to you, but not to your audience, then you’re just being plain selfish. Nobody wants to engage with a page of spam, random thoughts or advertisements. Social media users want to be educated and entertained. They want value, not ads.

Instead of focusing on what you want — more sales or a larger audience — focus on what your audience wants — more value.”

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