The Perfect Gift for Your Organization = Email Revenue

Give yourself the gift of email revenue! That’s the message from Bob Gaito’s MarketingProfs post about holiday email marketing. Done right, holiday emails can improve your bottom line.

Gaito writes, “This holiday season, put your best foot forward with an email strategy that optimizes engagement and revenue by delivering content that’s relevant and personal to each customer.”

While you don’t want to send too many emails, you do want to make sure you’re giving your patrons what they want this holiday season. Gaito adds: “Last year, we witnessed the greatest industrywide annual increase in holiday online shopping revenue and website visits in the history of online shopping. According to predictions, the 2018 holiday retail season is poised to eclipse 2017’s.”

We share two of Gaito’s tips for doing holiday emails right below, and then you can read the rest here:

Triggered email is No. 1. Abandoned-cart emails are the most common triggered email type, and the most straightforward. When a shopper puts something in the cart and leaves without purchasing — which happens about 70% of the time on retail websites — persuading the shopper to complete the sale often doesn’t take much. Abandoned-cart reminders sent over the subsequent few hours typically result in 10-25% of abandoners’ making a purchase (with free shipping or dollars off tipping it toward the higher end of that range).

Think how such emails can affect the bottom line. If over the course of a day on a retail website 1,000 carts are started and 700 are abandoned, only 300 result in a sale. If an email is triggered to those 700 abandoners, and 10% (70) follow through with an order with an average order value of $100, that’s an additional $7,000 in revenue per day. Multiply that by 365 days in a year, and that’s an additional $2.5 million in annual revenue. …

Increase conversions with product recommendations. To make your triggered email even more relevant and personal, or to personalize otherwise generic bulk email, include dynamic product recommendations unique to each recipient. Recommendations are determined based on items that the shopper recently browsed or purchased, together with items that similar shoppers browsed or purchased. They’re great for getting those emails opened, particularly with bulk email, and for generating upsell and cross-sell revenue.”

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