The One Word That Will Up Your Audience Engagement

Engaging your audience — and keeping them engaged — is often the best way to maximize revenue, suggests Kissmetrics Blog. And that means focusing your “engagement goals on attention … and creating strategies that aim to attract attention.”

So, how can you up your engagement and attract more attention? Author Nadav writes that it comes down to one word: easy. Your content should be easy to …

  1. Scan
  2. Interact With
  3. Load
  4. Share
  5. Monetize

We’ve highlighted one of his points below, and then check out all five here.

“Easy to Interact With

Engagement, attention, and interaction all go hand in hand.

In fact, interactive content is one of the most exciting solutions for keeping users engaged and interested in your site.

With interactive content, site visitors feel a heightened sense of attachment to your pages, as they’ve essentially played a role in how your content takes shape. By spending time interacting with your site, they’re all the more likely to share their content experiences with their peers.

What’s more, interactive content is a powerful monetization strategy. Pura Vida Bracelets, for example, hit the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in large part due to their seven-question quiz:

The quiz has been taken by more than 37,000 site visitors, 18,000 of whom have opted to provide their email addresses, which is a mind blowing conversion rate of 48.6%. Not only does the quiz suggest the perfect bracelet, but also uses the data collected to highlight specific aspects of a visitor’s personality. The interactive nature of the quiz can help create strong bonds between the company and customers who ultimately become brand evangelists.

In addition to quizzes, polls and flip cards, another hallmark of making your content easy to interact with is online chat. Unfortunately, the mistake many companies make on the online-chat front is forcing visitors and customers to come to them through a confusing maze of email strings and on-site logins. Instead, make chat insanely easy by going to your audience through a native tool like Facebook Messenger. Messenger is an easy way to not only provide instant feedback and brand announcements, but to also manage ecommerce engagement.

There are even tools like Bontact that allow marketers to offer multi-platform live chat to site visitors. So a conversation that starts in the widget on your web pages can easily move to Messenger, text, Skype, phone, email, screenshare or any number of other platforms.

In the age of branded experiences spanning multiple devices, platforms, apps and customer journey phases, giving your site visitors the ability to interact with you on the channel of their choice can make a lasting impression.”

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