The New Era of Theater Producers

Gone are the days when one or two big investors and producers got a Broadway show from script to opening night. The New York Times recently reported on the new trend in shows having many investors — who now want similar perks and the chance to give input as producers.

Of course, too many cooks in the kitchen can be disastrous, and just because someone has invested money doesn’t mean they know how to create a stellar show. But this new way of funding theater does open up opportunities for new shows (both on Broadway and across the country).

Recently, Jim talked about how to get people more involved and engaged with a show in relation to pay-what-you-want pricing. He mentioned coming up with ways to get people excited about a show before it opens, talking about it and sharing with their social circles. It seems like crowdsourcing investing (like On The Town is doing right now) could have a similar effect.

Do you think this is a positive change for theater? Or do you miss the days of fewer, and quieter, investors?


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