The Most Powerful Words You Can Use

Knowing which words to use for your marketing emails, social posts, websites, etc., is important. Need some pointers? Inc. compiled a list of 37 words and phrases that immediately increase your credibility. Check out a few key words below, and then read the entire article here.

The most powerful word you can use:

• You

Like most humans, your readers and listeners are primarily focused on themselves. Yes, it’s a good idea to speak or write about yourself and your experiences as a way to create a bond with your audience. But before you do that, you need to engage their attention, and the best way is to let them know right from the beginning how what you have to say will benefit them. That makes “you” the single most convincing word you can use when writing or speaking.

Words that convey urgency:

All of us are too busy, and constantly facing competing demands on our attention and time. Given this reality, why should anyone stop and read or listen to what you have to say? Because whatever it is is urgent, and requires their immediate action. These words to convey that notion.

• Now

• Need

• Must

Words that create connection:

We spend more time connecting with others on social media than we ever have before and yet many of us are also lonely. The trend toward working at home — a wonderful thing in most ways — makes this problem even worse. Your readers and listeners are looking for a sense of connection and community; here are some words that will give it to them.

• Join

• Help

• Discover

See all 37 words here.

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