The Marketing Tools You Shouldn’t Live Without

Marketing can be a challenging job, but there are numerous tools out there that can make things (a bit) easier. To help you build a strong “marketing toolbox,” has gathered 99 online marketing tools that will help with everything from SEO to social media and analytics.

Click here for the full list of 99, and check out a few of our favorites below:


Moz is every SEO’s best friend, and having acquired GetListed in 2012, it’s no surprise that Moz is one of the best tools for local SEOs out there. MozLocal helps local businesses rank competitively in the search engines, making smaller sites as visible as possible.

Online marketing tools Moz Local


Few social media management tools are as well-known or widely used as Hootsuite. This fully featured platform offers all the social media management functionality you could ever need, which is probably why it’s so popular.


Don’t let the awkward name fool you — LikeAlyzer is really cool. This tool evaluates the strength of your Facebook page to give you additional insight into areas you can improve when engaging with followers and fans on Facebook.

After the Deadline

Not all content teams can afford the luxury of hiring a dedicated copy editor, which is what makes After the Deadline so awesome. This free Chrome plugin checks your grammar, spelling and everything else you need to keep an eye on before hitting “publish.”


Canva lets you create stylish, striking visuals for social media posts and content projects with an effortless drag-and-drop interface. You can upload your own assets to work with (for free), or pay a small fee to use Canva’s own library of visual materials.

The Readability Test Tool

Nailing the style and tone of your content is crucial. To check if your latest post is a little on the wordy side, check out The Readability Test Tool, which evaluates web pages according to the Flesch Kincaid Reading Scale.


Heatmaps are immensely useful tools to see how your visitors are really interacting with your site, and nobody does heatmaps better than CrazyEgg.

Online marketing tools CrazyEgg heatmap

A heatmap showing audience eye movement and points of interest on a web page


In-depth A/B tests are all well and good, but sometimes a person’s gut reaction to what they see immediately upon landing on your page can yield surprising insights. That’s the idea behind FiveSecondTest, a testing platform that shows you what people see within five seconds of arriving on your page — and what they miss.

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