The Keys to Great Content? Integrity, Storytelling & Creativity

Marketing isn’t a matter of “duping” people into buying your product (or, at least, it shouldn’t be). Great marketing communicates what your brand and product are all about in an honest, authentic way.

If you’re struggling with this aspect of marketing, Top Rank Marketing Blog writer Ashley Zeckman says the most important things to keep in mind are “integrity, storytelling and creativity.” She also offers some great advice on how to achieve these things (you can read the full post here):

Tesla shares customer stories on their website.

Tesla shares customer stories on their website.

Help Your Customers See Themselves in the Content

The content that you create shouldn’t just be about your brand and what you offer. Instead, your customers should be able to see themselves in the story that you are telling through content. How can this be accomplished?

Two of the best ways are through customer stories and case studies. …

Write Like a Human Speaking to Humans

There is no denying that good SEO is still a very important part of creating great content. However, stuffing your content with keywords you want to rank for may get people to your site initially, it won’t keep them there or create a good experience.

Instead, time is better spent conducting research to see what questions customers are asking and how they are being phrased. That information can then be used to inform how you go about incorporating key search phrases in a way that is natural and pleasant to read. …

Could you be using more visual aids in your marketing?

Could you be using more visual aids in your marketing?

Help Customers Visualize the Message

[W]ith the monstrous amount of content that is being created today, compelling visuals need to be a staple of your content marketing efforts to stand out in the crowd.”

Our Take:
One the best ways to both “write like a human” and be consistently authentic is to establish the “voice” of your brand. Goldstar’s Vice President of Content and Merchandising, Kristen Giordani, has previously shared her thoughts on this on Selling Out (click here for the full article):

“[Having a cohesive voice] shows that you know who you are as a company and that you know who your customers are as well. Having a well-defined and clearly communicated voice also helps everything you do fall into place. Nothing seems random if you’re true to your voice, and you’re not reinventing the wheel every time you need to churn out a piece of communication. It’s grounding.

‘Voice’ used to be something only media outlets thought about, but today, more than ever, this is something every brand and every company keeps top of mind. It’s how you can set yourself apart from the competition and really find a place in the hearts of consumers.”

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