The Handoff

You’ve heard me talk about mobile a lot, and we spend a lot of time on it here at Goldstar. It’s where our customers (and yours, too, in almost all cases now) live.

handoffSo I thought you’d be interested in hearing about a new feature of iOS called “handoff.” This basically allows you to be working on an Apple device like an iPad or an iPhone, walk toward your Apple desktop computer or laptop and continue exactly (and I mean exactly) where you left off. It’s part of the Apple ecosystem exclusively right now, but if users take to it the equivalent thing will happen in the Android/Windows/Whatever Else world, too.

If you want to try it out, I have a suggestion for you. Download the Goldstar app if you don’t already have it. Sign in and start using the app. If you’ve got your phone mirroring your Mac, you should see it pop up at the left of your dock. Click the icon and — boom! — you’re right where you were on the Goldstar app.

Here’s a brief video to explain it a bit more:

It’s brand new for us, so we don’t know where customers will go with it, but I thought it would be important for Selling Out readers to get a look!

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