The Biggest Mistake You’re Making With Your Patrons

When someone comes to your show, they likely have one of three responses. They either:

  • Love it.
  • Hate it.
  • Think it was just OK.

How do you respond to each option? Are you thanking the people that love your show for coming and encouraging them to spread the word? Are you asking the people who didn’t love the show why they felt that way and using that constructive feedback?

If you’re like many businesses, then you may not be doing any of these things, but as writer Dana Severson points out, it’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make. In his words, “The key to customer success is super simple — follow-up with your customer and have a meaningful conversation.”

In other words, don’t ignore customer feedback and don’t respond with automatic replies or canned language. Use it as an opportunity to turn happy customers into people who will gladly tell others about your show. Or use it as an opportunity to learn where your venue can improve. Either way, listening and responding to your patrons and fans will go a long way toward success.

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