The Best Self-Promotion Money Can’t Buy

Self-promotion is tough — it’s easy to come across as too pushy or “sales-y,” but promotion is also essential for selling tickets (after all, if no one knows about your show, how can they go?).

One easy way to gain some positive self-promotion? According to The Story of Telling blog, it’s this: Make sure your audience leaves feeling good.

“The feeling we leave our clients and customers with (about themselves and not us) as they walk out the door is the best self-promotion money can’t buy. No amount of pleading and persuading beats the delivery of an exceptional experience that the customer wants to repeat.”

Putting on an incredible show and ending on a high-point are obvious ways to have people feeling good as they leave. This has even been used in shows before (the “Mamma Mia” effect, in which you end your show with a high-energy dance party that has audiences smiling as they strut out the door).

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