The Best Product in All of Entertainment Is …

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Jim once wrote, “Those of us in this business have an immense blessing: We’ve got the best product in all of entertainment.” He was referring to the live entertainment business.

According to this PSFK article, stores are “turning up the theatrics” to attract customers. There was an actual ride, an Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland-themed theatrical “experience,” at the opening of one giant department store.

PSFK explains that we have “entered the realm of ‘shoppertainment,’ a brave new world where retailers aren’t just in the business of trying to sell stuff – they are also in showbusiness.”

Retail, just like live entertainment, has to, as Jim emphasizes, “be aware of being on the wrong side of [the] convenience gap and [be] very, very hesitant to increase it.”

Both business have to get people into their venue. Jim writes:

“We in the business tend to forget that showing up in a specific time and place that’s far from home or work is a huge cost to a buyer, and although it can’t be eliminated, it can be eased and acknowledged.

The next time you say ‘thanks for coming out to the show,’ think about what that really means and how important that sentiment is.”

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