Testimonials and More Tips to Improve Your Instagram Stories

We’ve heard the stats before: “Instagram has more than 400 million daily active users,” reports Quick Sprout, adding, “One-third of the [Instagram] stories with the most views are uploaded by businesses.”

Not sure what an Instagram story is? Quick Sprout explains: “Unlike a traditional post, your Instagram story won’t flood the timelines of your followers. You can upload more than ten pictures or videos to your story, and it won’t hinder anyone’s experience. This isn’t the case with posts posted directly to your profile.”

Whether you are already creating Instagram stories or have yet to try it, Quick Sprout offers some approaches — and examples of successful stories — that drive sales.

Here’s one approach below, then read the rest here:

Run a poll

Polls on Instagram stories are a great way to drive engagement. …

Polls can triple your engagement metrics on a story.

That’s because they are easy. All a user has to do is click on one of the two options to participate. Plus, that’s the only way they’ll be able to see how other people have voted.

Here’s an example of how Microsoft Surface used this strategy in a sponsored story (to the right):

It’s a very simple question.

They’re asking what’s more important to users, power or portability?

Here’s the catch. When users swipe up, following the “learn more” CTA, they’ll discover this product has both power and portability.

You’ll see more of this swipe up style CTAs throughout this guide.

Take advantage of the swipe up feature.

According to a case study from Marketing Land, 15-25% of users who see these links on Instagram stories are swiping up.

MeUndies participated in this study.

On average, 20% of users who saw its story swiped up to learn more. And 90% of those people have never visited the website before.

Adding a poll to your story increases your chances of getting higher engagement rates and, hence, makes it more likely that users will click your CTA. You’ll be able to generate more sales as a result.”

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