TEDxBroadway Speaker Spotlight: Jennifer Ashley Tepper (2016)

Jennifer Ashley Tepper delivered a TEDxBroadway talk last year about the importance of maintaining historic theaters for the sake of our industry and art form. We recently checked in with Jennifer to learn how the real estate landscape has changed over the past year. Here’s what she had to say:

“This week, Broadway gets the Hudson Theatre back. When Sunday in the Park with George plays its opening notes, it’ll be the first time the Hudson has seen legitimate theater on its stage since 1968.

Since my TEDxBroadway talk was about the intersection of real estate and art, how the theaters themselves can contribute to what we see on Broadway, it is unbelievable to see this kind of history being made. Who knows what could happen next? Will the industry reclaim another Broadway house or create a brand new one?

Since I gave my TEDxBroadway talk last year, we’ve also seen more foresight utilized regarding the long-term viability of theaters. I ended my talk cautioning against losing Boston’s Colonial Theatre, which was then in danger, and has now been saved. (Not coincidentally, The Ambassador Theatre Group is responsible for breathing life back into both the Hudson and the Colonial! Keep an eye on them!)”

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