TEDxBroadway Pre-Sale Tickets: Ready for New Ideas and Surprises, Too?

I have a day-of TEDxBroadway pregame tradition. I wake up early, get myself ready and meet a member of my team to make that always-chilly walk to New World Stages. Along the way we pick up coffees, a breakfast sandwich and then my team member launches into the always-long laundry list of things on her mind. I don’t mind telling, yeah, I have some jitters, too. If you’ve ever been to the event, you know that there is a lot packed into one day to keep track of, and I serve as the emcee as well.

Last year, when I showed up in the designated meeting spot to make our annual trek to the theater, I realized I forgot my jitters. It’s not like I left them in another jacket or anything. I just didn’t have them. I also noticed how quiet you-know-who was. Barely a peep out of her. And when I arrived at the venue and saw Damian Bazadona, my fellow co-founder of TEDxBroadway, was sans jitters — well, THIS was the exact moment I knew that we needed a new challenge (and, Damian said the same thing!). Don’t get me wrong, I thought last year’s event was incredible, and I highly recommend you watch the videos from it.

We started TEDxBroadway to challenge the way we think about things in the community. We’ve talked about risk, failure, overcoming staggering odds and believe me, they’ve been great. But, after five years of doing the event a certain way, we’re challenging ourselves to up the ante, if you will. So, when we come back to New World Stages on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, we’ll have lots of new ideas and surprises for you. I’ll tell you more about that in the weeks to come.

For now, I just wanted to let you know we have a limited block of tickets available exclusively for friends of TEDxBroadway at the pre-sale price of $100. The cost of tickets will go up soon — purchase your ticket now to secure this early-bird rate.

Click here to buy your TEDxBroadway 2017 ticket at the pre-sale price of $100.

I’ll see you and my jitters in March!

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