TEDxBroadway 2015 Video: Osh Ghanimah

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.27.59 AMEditor’s note: Jim curates TEDxBroadway each year, working with the speakers on their presentations and helping them to answer the question: “What’s the best Broadway can be?” Below is his insight into the process, so you can find out exactly how this informative and inspiring day comes together.

The “Tevye Moment” is a phrase from TEDxBroadway 2015 that has the greatest chance of becoming a book or turning into a tumblr that becomes a book. This was Osh’s way of talking about that moment when he had the opportunity as a kid to play the role of Tevye, the main character in Fiddler on the Roof.

As a kid from a Palestinian Muslim family, he didn’t initially have a ton of support from his own mother on taking the role — look for the point in the talk when Osh describes how many angry lions she’d rather face than have an actor for a son. Spoiler alert: quite a few.

I almost feel like I should keep my commentary to a minimum. I had more fun working on this talk with Osh than should be acceptable. Watch as he explains how America is about to have its own Tevye Moment.

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