TEDxBroadway 2015 Video: Elliott Masie

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.27.59 AMEditor’s note: Jim curates TEDxBroadway each year, working with the speakers on their presentations and helping them to answer the question: “What’s the best Broadway can be?” Below is his insight into the process, so you can find out exactly how this informative and inspiring day comes together.

What do you ask the man who’s done everything to talk about?

That’s roughly the challenge I faced with Elliott Masie. From Broadway producing to horse racing to organizational learning, Elliott has truly done it all. Not only that, but he’s a total natural. I dare you to spend five minutes in his presence and not want to hear more of his many adventures.

True to his role as a connector and a learning facilitator, Elliott came to TEDxBroadway to harness the thoughts of the people in the crowd. He even brought microphones we can throw. He is officially the first speaker in our history to throw things at the audience. He’s also the first to work direct, real-time audience comments into his discussion.

Elliott’s purpose was to get the group thinking about how the arts (including theater) could be more ‘connected.’ And he didn’t mean (necessarily) connected to the internet. He meant to be connected in places where there are currently disconnections. He talked about the role of so-called big data in this and the role of creativity. Later in the day, he led a brainstorming session to determine some ideas that will be used later this year in the Broadway Hackathon, which you can hear more about in this talk, too.

And yes, before the event I was the official throwable microphone tester. They doubted I could get it into the mezzanine, but I proved them wrong.

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