TEDxBroadway 2012: Barry Kahn Talks Dynamic Pricing (Video)

The CEO and founder of Qcue, Barry Kahn knows dynamic pricing. In 2012, he brought his expertise to TEDxBroadway to deliver a talk about what he does: Qcue’s software provides guidance to professional sports teams, concert promoters and venue managers to set better up-front prices, and adjust to shifting demand, changes in market conditions and real-time sales data.

His company’s message is simple: 50% of tickets are never sold. 10% are resold for twice face value. It’s time to price better.

Kahn’s appeared in numerous media outlets — and here he is, one of the world’s “Most Innovative People Under 40” (Business Insider), sharing his expertise with 2012 TEDxBroadway attendees at New World Stages.

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