Teaming Up With the “Competition”

While it’s easy to look at the other live entertainment businesses in your area as competition, as Jim pointed out in his post Your Competition Isn’t What You Think it Is:

“You … are not competing with the theater or music hall across the street or across town. You compete with how easy it is NOT to go out. If someone chooses to go to another venue instead of yours — that’s if they actually gave yours consideration and actually go to a similar venue to see a similar show — that’s half a win. I’m serious.”

Jim suggests that as an industry our job is to “make live entertainment fans.” And sometimes doing so means teaming up with the so-called “competition.”

The wine industry and wineries specifically face a similar dilemma: Overcoming how much easier it is to sit at home with a random bottle of wine or beer you bought at the grocery store. Their goal is to turn people into wine fans — people who will seek out good wine and visit wineries to do so.

As part of this mission, the town of Yountville in Napa Valley has joined together six wineries on a tasting room “passport.” The pass gets you discounts at all six wineries along with other perks, and all the wineries are promoting the deal (aka promoting their “competition”).

While the program is still in its early stages, it seems like a fantastic way to bring more people to the area and expose them to great wine. As Cindy Saucerman, President and CEO of the Yountville Chamber of Commerce said:

“In addition to being a great value for tasting room guests, the Yountville Passport Program enables wineries to make personal connections with wine-lovers who may not otherwise find their way to the tasting room. The Passport price is a relatively small discount off each individual tasting fee, but taken as a group offers a significant savings to consumers, making it a win-win for everyone.”

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