Take Me Out to the Theater

Theater enriches our lives. Journalist Christine Aucoin adds her own reasons why theater is important, emphasizing its significance to teens in the age of YouTube.

Her Boston Globe article specifically highlights how helpful theater was in allowing her to talk with her dad: “These dramatic outings prompted conversations unlikely to arise over the dinner table.”

Aucoin writes: “The in-your-face immediacy of live theater and the staggering range of human experiences represented onstage bridged the communication chasm between me and my parents. … Our trips to the theater pried open a channel of communication that might have otherwise stayed shut throughout my adolescence. The plays we saw handed us a script on every uncomfortable topic parents and children both painstakingly avoid and desperately need to discuss. … For families who want to recast themselves beyond the roles of finger-wagging parent and sulking teenager, live theater could be just the catalyst you need.”

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