Take a Museum Tour — on Your Phone

Jim has written about the benefits of broadcasting live musicals. In The Sound of Audience, he wrote:

“For every potential ticket buyer for this show whose itch has been scratched by the TV broadcast, there are 100 who learned about it first and now want to see it sometime. And probably 1,000 who’d heard about it and had some level of interest, and they’re now actively thinking about the show.”

Last week the British Museum live-streamed a tour of its popular exhibit Defining beauty: the body in ancient Greek art via Twitter’s Periscope app. British historian and broadcaster Dan Snow was the guide for a 30-minute journey through the exhibition, and he even offered the opportunity to post questions. The Periscope link was then posted to the museum’s Facebook and YouTube channel the next day.

Jim’s main point: Obscurity, not availability, is the enemy.

Watch the Defining beauty tour with Dan Snow here:

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