Surprising Stats That Could Boost Your Business

According to Convince and Convert, four billion people will be online by 2020 — which reinforces what Jim has written on this blog: Mobile gets you everyone.

Below are a few more surprising statistics that confirm our need to be where the people are — and you can read more stats at Convince and Convert.

“97 Percent of Adults Use Social Media

97 percent of online adults regularly visit social networks. Also according to Global Web Index, social media captures up to 30 percent of an individual’s online time.

On average, people are spending almost two hours per day on social networks and messaging. This is up from 15 minutes reported back in 2012.

A contributing factor to why people are spending more time on social is that more communities are being built on social platforms. Facebook Groups have one billion users, as reported by Tech Crunch. People are spending their time within these community spaces when they are online because they are craving communication between common connections.

One-Third of Internet Users Follow Brands on Social

One-third of internet users follow their favorite brands on social networks. These people are seeking out and electing to have branded content served to them. If 30 percent of their online time is spent on social, there’s a good chance you can catch your audience online in one of these social networks.

90 Percent of Customers Are Affected by Online Reviews

People like to tell other people about their experiences, whether good or bad. 90% state that positive online reviews influence their purchasing decisions. As buyers, we always want to make sure we are making a good decision, and look to others with a similar problem to validate this decision for us.”

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