Study Shows What Fun Is Worth to Your Fans

Photo credit: London Scout via Unsplash

Photo Credit: London Scout via Unsplash

When you think about pricing a show, a lot of factors come in to play. The budget of the production and the various costs, how popular you think it’ll be and how high the demand will be for tickets, among other things.

But have you ever considered the value of your show when it comes to creating emotions like happiness or calmness? Could you possibly put a dollar value on those experiences?

Well, it turns out you can, in a way. Psychology Today recently shared the results of a study that asked people how much they would pay to experience certain emotions (or the lack of certain emotions) for an hour. Curious about the results? You can click here to read them all, but we found these in particular fascinating:

  • $44.30 to experience calm for one hour
  • $79.07 to experience happiness
  • $106.27 to avoid regret
  • $113.56 to experience love

While a live event may not cover all of these, there’s no denying that theater and other live entertainment does indeed spark real emotions in audiences. And while this may not be your new guide for pricing, it’s interesting to consider what your show is worth when it comes to how people feel leaving the theater.

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