Stripparaoke: A New Nightlife Trend?

There’s a new nightlife trend in Portland, reports Sarah Baird for The Guardian, and it’s starting to spread across the U.S. Combining stripping and karaoke, stripparaoke “has picked [up] steam in cities from San Diego to New Orleans,” according to the article.

Shon Boulden, co-owner of Devil’s Point Strip Club, aka “the mothership for stripparaoke nationally,” says, “We started stripparaoke back in about 2005. We were basically just having a regular slow Sunday night. Since we had only three or four girls working, we decided to do karaoke. We originally called it ‘Karaoke Sabbath’. Eventually we just took both words, crammed them together, and it became stripparaoke. It went from our slowest night of the week to our busiest night of the week in three or four years.”

Nothing is Too Bold to Be Unacceptable Now,” Jim wrote, explaining:

“Very few of the old norms will withstand the next few years in business, entertainment and in many other areas of our lives. This is not necessarily a bad or a good thing, but it’s real. That little voice in your head telling you that things are changing rapidly is the one you need to be listening to.”

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