Spotlight On … The Pan Am Experience

In one of Jim’s past posts, he wrote about Experience Design.

“In other words, it’s not just the product (bed, food, show, whatever), but the entire experience around it that matters.”

Vintage Pan Am 747 Dining & Tour Experience lets you step into a golden age Pan Am 747 for a nostalgia-filled dining experience. Upon check-in at the gate, you’ll be handed your ’70s-style boarding pass before being invited into the Clipper Club, where you can take in an exhibit of vintage Pan Am memorabilia, including uniforms and artwork. Once you board the aircraft, stewardesses (dressed in stylish retro uniforms) welcome you with a glass of champagne.

But you’re not actually in an airplane going somewhere, but going nowhere in a studio called Air Hollywood, where you can explore the cockpit from the cult classic Airplane! as well as sets and props from Bridesmaids, The Wolf of Wall Street and the hit TV show Lost.

Highlights of your time aboard include sitting back in your plush Sleeperette seat and enjoying a gourmet four-course meal.

News outlets are catching wind of this nostalgia-filled dining experience. Watch this segment on NBC’s Today show.

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