Spotlight On: Steppenwolf Theatre Company of Chicago

In celebration of Steppenwolf’s 40th anniversary and John Mayer’s new book, Steppenwolf Theatre Company of Chicago: In Their Own Words, Donald Liebenson profiles the celebrated theater company for Vanity Fair magazine.

Some of the famous actors who are in the Steppenwolf ensemble include co-founders Jeff Perry, Gary Sinise and Terry Kinney, as well as Joan Allen, Laurie Metcalf and John Malkovich.

The article highlights the history of Steppenwolf as well as its influence on American theater:

“What Steppenwolf Theatre Company has accomplished is truly remarkable,” Mayer said in a phone interview. “Here were some high-school students who had a dream, and they had no idea where it would take them. Look where they’ve ended up. They have become the model for the start-up of so many other companies. I compare it to Apple starting out in a garage and growing into Apple computers. That’s what Steppenwolf is to theater.”

Next up for Steppenwolf is Visiting Edna, a perceptive play peering into life, loss and a complex mother-son relationship, starring Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress Debra Monk, written by Tony Award-winning playwright David Rabe.

Congrats, Steppenwolf!

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