Spotlight On … PostSecret: the Show

post_secret_ticketsWhat started as an art project turned into a blog site, and then an official website, a TED talk, multiple books, museum installations and a live show on tour, PostSecret: the Show, coming to Pantages Theater at Broadway Center for the Performing Arts in Tacoma on April 1.

Frank Warren, a former suicide hotline counselor, started it all in 2005 by requesting people mail their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard to his home address. He posts them on his site every Sunday.

Warren has tapped into a powerful phenomenon. He told Philadelphia’s The Inquirer that “even with today’s reality-show, live-journal, Facebook-sharing culture, there was still a definite culture of secrets.”

And venues like the Kimmel in Philly are happy to host his live show. Frances Egler, director of programming for the Kimmel Center, told The Inquirer:

“Audiences are looking for something that’s not formulaic. With these shows, you know what you’re going to get because you know the story, but you get to see the people involved with the production and gain a deeper understanding of the story. … When you listen to a podcast, it’s a personal experience because you’re listening to it alone, and this gives people a way to make it a more collective experience, because you’re with other people who’ve also listened along. With PostSecret, if you go to the blog or listen to the TED talk, you’re by yourself. This is with hundreds of individuals who’ve had similar experiences with the collection that’s moved them and affected them.”

PostSecret: the Show is currently on tour. See more dates here.

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