Pay-For-Streaming: A Slam Dunk For Growing Your Audience

nba01The NBA is experiencing hiccups with the launch of its pay-for-streaming service, but in time they’ll be resolved.

Pretty soon, all the major sports will be available for streaming, and people will be paying for the privilege. This will make it even more conspicuous that non-sports live entertainment is on the sidelines.

Streaming earns you currency of two kinds: actual currency, as in money; and the currency of people’s attention. If you’ve only got their attention while the patron is attending the show in person, their attention is up for grabs for other things a lot of the time.

We’ll talk about this some at TEDxBroadway in February, but this is another step on the road to a future that has a lot of promise for driving a lot of people to a lot of venues. Let’s just hope it’s not just the sports folks who benefit.

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