Sports Score at Getting ‘Em When They’re Young. How Do the Arts Measure Up?

In this post, Jim asked, should a live entertainment/arts organization bother trying to “get ‘em young?” And his answer was yes, for three reasons. To briefly summarize, they were:

“First, you should try to get young attendees because they’re a great, underserved audience.

Second, you should want those young people there because they bring older people with them.

Third, if you get these kids into your show today and dazzle them, they’ll go … somewhere when they’re grown-ups.”

In a recent post, Barry’s Blog has a similar message.

“The heart of the sports complex support over the past fifty years has been the farm team system – and by that I mean that the audience for sports was created very early on in the lives of the fans – on playgrounds, in schools and in parks and streets – nurtured by parental involvement and camaraderie, and fanned by constant and widespread media coverage. But at the core, was the reality that we played sports as kids. And though we stopped playing not long thereafter, our interest kept growing.

Is there a lesson for us here?

Organized sports owes much of its success to unorganized sports kids play.”

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