Sometimes People Don’t Even Mind Paying to Be Killed …

I’ve talked about how some ticket buyers actually prefer to pay more, and I’ve talked about how I believe theaters need to borrow some ideas from the book publishing world to generate more ongoing and deeper engagement.

And I thought those were both pretty solid ideas, but George R. R. Martin has upped the ante on me. He’s getting people to pay him to kill them.

Well, not really kill them and not really pay him for that matter. He’s raising money for his favorite charity to make YOU a character in one of the Song of Ice and Fire books that he kills in his inimitable character-killing style.

It hasn’t sold yet (as of my writing this on Sunday, June 8th), so maybe it will end up being Ser Jim who gets ripped in half by one of Daenarys’s dragons or poisoned by Cersei.

The point, though, is that this is another highly imaginative, highly successful way to get fans involved with the books, and it’s another idea that I believe theaters and other live entertainment organizations can modify and borrow.

Access and recognition are the coin of the realm for wowing today’s culture consumer, and what better way to recognize a big supporter than by making them literally part of the show?

Even if you don’t kill them.

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