Singer-Songwriter and Broadway Composer Drew Gasparini Is Inspired By

Over on the new Goldstar blog is a series of Q&As with inspiring, creative people. Check out their interview with singer-songwriter and Broadway composer Drew Gasparini. Known for his unique blend of musical theater and pop, Drew’s written award-winning songs for TV and Broadway, released four albums, shared the stage with Jason Mraz, Third Eye Blind, and the Plain White T’s, and is in a “debaucherous” comedy troupe called The Morons. Read a few of his answers below, then head over to Goldstar Pulse for more about Drew.

Tell us about what you do.
I’m Drew. I’m a musician. I make music. I’m a broadway composer-lyricist-writer, a singer-songwriter and a performer.

And you haven’t run off to do something else because …
Nothing makes me feel more electric than my relationship with music and writing. It’s the most fulfilling career I could possibly imagine, and I’m amazed everyday that I get to do this … make music.

What personal project are you most excited about now?
A band I started with my two sisters, Kasie and Chloe, called Saint Adeline. I’m also really excited about the newest musical I’m writing with my writing partner Alex Brightman based on the children’s novel The Whipping Boy.

What’s your next big goal?
Right now I’m writing a few commissioned works for some major studios — adapting existing properties into stage musicals for Warner Bros., Universal, etc. — and they’re literally the best gigs I’ve ever had. But the next BIG goal I’d love to reach is having an original musical of mine hit Broadway.

What live show excited and inspired you?
Seeing Peter Gabriel live was something of a religious experience for me. He was beautifully theatrical and in tune with every word. I felt like I was in a trance watching him and soaking in the man’s songs.

What live show had the most impact on you as a child?
Seeing Weird Al in concert. It was theatrical, it was hilarious, it was the perfect first concert for a nerdy white kid.

Has a live show ever caused you to change the way you think or behave?
I saw George Carlin live when I was a kid. I learned a LOT about the smart usage of foul language and adult thinking. Probably not the best live event for an impressionable 12-year-old.

If you could have any live performance skill, what would it be?
Juggling. I’m a miserable juggler. Or break dancing.

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