Share Your Point of View

Last week, we asked, “Are You Promoting a Show or Lifestyle?”

This week we’re highlighting the benefits of having a point of view. For example, what values are you promoting and/or taking a stand for?

At Goldstar, we think life gets better when you go out, sit or stand in a room filled with other people and experience something new (or fun or familiar).

If your company believes in certain values, then most likely, your customers do, too.

In her Xeim article, Molly Fleming highlights how Coca-Cola is introducing its new brand platform as it vows to take a stand on social issues.

Fleming writes: “The positioning, ‘Better when we’re open’, aims to act as a rallying call to unite the world that it believes is becoming increasingly divisive. That will be part of the brand’s marketing platform across Europe.”

Patrons like to engage with brands that share their point of view — so make sure they know what your point of view is!

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