Sesame Street’s Gravitation Pull

Photo Credit: Richard Termine

The “Sesame Street” cast in 2013. Photo Credit: Richard Termine

This past Monday Sesame Street debuted its 45th season. Which is a good example of a show that has maintained a strong gravitational pull.

Jim talks about the importance of gravitational pull:

” … pay attention to what does and doesn’t have gravitational pull so that you can develop better instincts on the subject. Why? For your own content, of course. Some of us in live entertainment marketing have input or control of content, and some just have to market what others determine, but in either case it’s very important to have a realistic grasp at all times of the gravitational pull of the show.

The pitfalls are serious: Treating a show that needs nonstop marketing work and support like one that has a strong automatic pull will lead to disaster, both financially and in terms of attendance. Treating a property that used to have strong gravitation pull as if it still does is opening the door to eventual failure. Treating a show with strong gravitational pull as though it’s just average … actually, that doesn’t happen very often, but if it did the pitfall is that you’re probably missing opportunities to build audience and add revenue.”

Read the entire New York Post article to find out why Sesame Street has stayed relevant for almost five decades.

(Below) Psychedelic soul and R&B singer Janelle Monáe will be featured on Sesame Street’s new season.



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