Serenbe Playhouse’s Best Kept Secret Is Out

Serenbe Playhouse founder Brian Clowdus was chosen as a 2014 “15 under 40” Honoree by Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. His accomplishment? “Serenbe Playhouse under Clowdus’ guardianship is a fierce force in Atlanta theater — doubling audiences each season, selling out shows and winning awards like “Best Musical” by BroadwayWorld and ArtsATL for last season’s Hair.”

“Serenbe Playhouse has grown so much in five years, and I count my lucky stars that we are able to grow like this in a landscape where funding for the arts is growing more and more scarce,” says Clowdus. “I have said from day one, if you’re going to start something new, it has to be something unique. For Serenbe Playhouse, it’s our environment and the name we’re getting for re-inventing classics and making the experiences. Although we began as a summer company, we’re quickly becoming a year-round venture with fall programming and perhaps something special planned for the holidays and spring 2015 — but I can’t give too much away.”

Critics and audiences are loving their innovative productions. There are a few reasons why. All of their plays are site-specific. Sleepy Hollow, for example, was set in the Serenbe Stables.

But his best kept secret is his sister, BreeAnne Clowdus, a professional photographer and filmmaker. She creates the Playhouse’s eye-catching promotional materials, like these images from past and future productions:


And the image and short film below for their current production, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

So, did Brian and BreeAnne ever have a rivalry growing up? “Me and my sister have one of those unique sibling relationships where we are each other’s best friend,” he tells us. “Although I did my fair share of terrorizing her as a kid (like any kid brother would do!), our friendship has only flourished with our growing creative partnership. She truly captures the essence of a Serenbe Playhouse production and pushes me as a director to live up to her incredible artwork. The moment I get to see her images is when I am truly able to see the world of the play fully. To say the least, she has become my artistic muse.

I owe so much of the press and buzz surrounding Serenbe Playhouse to my sister’s beautiful images. People can’t help but stop and notice her art and then after their interest is peaked, it’s my job to make sure the shows are just as evocative. It’s rare to have a sibling that you love hanging out with and working with this much. We are a lucky duo and look forward to launching The Haus of Clowdus [production company] soon!”

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