Selling Out Editors’ Picks for 2014: “Selling Out Withs”

editors-picksCan you believe 2014 is almost over? The year has certainly flown by for us. To reflect back on it, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite posts on important topics for any live entertainment marketer. This week, we’re looking at one of our favorite features on the blog: “Selling Out With” profiles. See what some of the biggest names in the live entertainment industry had to say this year (click on any title to read more on the topic):

ErikGenslerSelling Out With Erik Gensler
“Erik Gensler is the president of Capacity Interactive, a digital marketing consulting firm for the arts with clients including The Goodman Theater, The Kennedy Center and New York City Ballet. He also founded Digital Marketing Boot Camp for the Arts, an annual conference in NYC focused on digital marketing for cultural organizations. Since ‘mobile first’ is now more true than ever, we’ve asked Gensler to share some tips about his field of expertise. Here, he dispels one big myth about digital marketing, shares the biggest challenge facing digital marketers right now and explains why email best practices in 2015 will be a hot topic at next year’s conference.”

Gail7s_Headshot_11-23-12_final_sharp_jpegSelling Out With Gail Jackman
“Knowing what to charge for tickets is one of the toughest tasks the live entertainment industry faces. Providing a little insight into the issue is Gail Jackman, President of Reach Research, a full-service market research company specializing in marketing analysis and insights.

Jackman has more than 25 years experience researching markets and is an avid supporter of the arts. She’s worked with organizations such as the Business Committee for the Arts, the League of Historic American Theaters, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts, Berkeley Rep and many more. Now, she’s sharing some of her pricing wisdom to help all of us answer the tricky question of pricing.

Photo Credit: Andrew Eccles

Photo Credit: Andrew Eccles

Selling Out With Thomas Cott
“You may not be familiar with Thomas Cott’s face, but his emails might greet you just about every morning in your inbox: You’ve Cott Mail. Since 1998, as a side activity, Cott has been curating the free arts industry news service, for which he was named to the 2012, 2013 and 2014 editions of a peer-nominated list of ‘The 50 Most Powerful and Influential People in the Nonprofit Arts in the U.S.’

Over the past 30 years, Cott has held producing and administrative roles in dance, theater, opera, video and the humanities on Broadway, at the NY Public Library, at Lincoln Center and currently with Alvin Ailey. Here, he shares the biggest marketing trends of this year, the live entertainment industry’s biggest challenges and a list of what he wishes every arts marketer out there knew right now.”

engelbert-humperdinck-120713Selling Out With Engelbert Humpedink
Engelbert Humperdinck has built a brand that keeps on selling. He just toured 65,000 miles in six weeks and will be appearing at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills this Sunday for Valentine’s weekend. Here, the man who gave Elvis Presley the idea to rock long sideburns and flamboyant leather jumpsuits shares what kick-started his career in the U.S.A., his secret to staying relevant for over 40 years and his best piece of advice for new artists.”

SteinyBHSelling Out With Dan Steinberg
“When Lord Chesterfield said, ‘Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today,’ Dan Steinberg took his advice to heart. The founder of Square Peg Concerts works around the clock, promoting live shows across the United States — totaling about 400-plus events last year.

By the time Steinberg was 16, he was producing club shows at the Mercury Café in Denver. Now, he’s moved up to putting big names on marquees, from comic Kathy Griffin and singer-songwriter Jason Mraz to country legends Kris Kristofferson and Merle Haggard, folk rockers Indigo Girls and Grammy–winning duo Cheech and Chong.

Steinberg’s formula for concert promotion works. Pollstar nominated him as Independent Promoter of the Year in 2003, 2010, 2012 and 2013. Here, ‘Steiny’ reveals what makes his company different from all the others, the power of listening and why you should never start a letter to a client with ‘I.'”

“Randy Weiner and his partners are at the forefront of immersive theater, creating productions like Sleep No More, which takes place in 93 different rooms that audiences can wander through freely, and Queen of the Night, an interactive performance in a formerly abandoned nightclub. The playwright-producer and his team constantly strive to do something different – and it’s working. Here he explains what makes his shows so successful and also why he might be making the switch back to traditional theater.”

See part one, pricing, herepart two, marketing, here, part three, customers, here, and part four, technology, here. And here’s to a happy new year!

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