Selling Out Editors’ Picks 2019: Customer Commitment

As we wave goodbye to 2019, we wanted to take a look back at some of our favorite posts of the year. Today, we’re highlighting a few posts from our CEO, Jim McCarthy, about customer commitment.

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Experience – Expectation = Satisfaction
“There’s an easy way to understand how positively customers are likely to feel about us (or any business). It goes like this: What I actually experienced (minus) What I thought I was going to experience (equals) How positively I think of what happened and of your company.

We also say this as: My experience – my expectations equals my satisfaction.

Read more, plus — bonus! — watch a funny video with Grover and a very demanding customer.

The Customer Is Always Right? Edition
“In a company where we’re all asked to metaphorically jump off skyscrapers for our customers, you might think that we would subscribe wholeheartedly to the customer service cliche, ‘The Customer is Always Right.’

We don’t. That may surprise some of you and you may be asking why I would say that. But the answer’s simple, really.”

Jim explains what our job is, plus see another very entertaining video.

How Do You Look at Things?
“There’s a famous psych experiment that you may have read about, that you can actually play along with if you’d like. People were asked to close their eyes and, with their finger, draw an imaginary capital letter B on their forehead. (Actually, the original study used L, but that was before the Smash Mouth song and Glee translated that into the sign for ‘loser.’ But I digress.)

So, if you’d like, take a minute and do that: Close your eyes and draw a capital B on your forehead.”

Go ahead, try it!

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