Selling Out Editors’ Picks 2018: Marketing

As we wave goodbye to 2018, we wanted to take a look back at some of our favorite posts of the year. Today, we’re highlighting: Marketing.

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Kristen Giordani, Goldstar’s VP of Content & Merchandising

Finding Your Voice
“Voice” used to be something only media outlets thought about, but today, more than ever, this is something every brand and every company should keep top of mind. Setting a brand voice can set yourself apart from the competition and really find a place in the hearts of consumers. Read more from Kristen Giordani, Goldstar’s VP of Content & Merchandising.

What Your Customers Care About When Buying Tickets
We do a lot of A/B testing in our emails and on the site to determine the answer to this very question. We’ve found the most important elements to get members interested in finding out more about an event are (in order of priority) … Giordani shares what types of information Goldstar members care about the most when considering attending an event.

The Secret to Attracting New Fans
Our goal is get people to go out to things they wouldn’t normally think about going to. We do that by highlighting the aspects of these events that the typical fan wouldn’t necessarily care about. With baseball, for example, non-baseball fans could care less about which team is in first place or whether the buzzed-about pitcher will be at the mound on game day. Read more from Giordani about what fans do care about.

Pretending To Be Hot
Stop it. Stop it now. There’s nothing wrong with promoting or highlighting how much people like your event. And nobody’s forcing you (most of you) to disclose how much you’re actually selling. But once you venture into territory where you’re claiming or implying that you’re sold out when you’re not, you’re adding to the B.S. that potential customers have to wade through just to buy tickets to live entertainment. Playing the ‘sold out’ card when you’re not isn’t a power move. It’s an empty bluff. Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy explains what works even better than pretending to be hot.

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