Selling Out Editors’ Picks 2015: Think Outside the Industry

Can you believe 2015 is almost over? The year has certainly flown by for us. To reflect back on it, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite posts on important topics for any live entertainment marketer. This week, we’re looking at one of our favorite features on the blog: “Think Outside the Industry.” See what you can learn from marketers outside of live entertainment (click on any title to read more on the topic):

Think Outside the Industry: Bell’s New Website
“Ease is the new loyalty,” says Taco Bell’s Vice President of Digital Tressie Lieberman in a recent Entrepreneur post.
Which echoes the message in this post by Jim:

“If you have an existing audience and you build a mobile product that works well, they will follow you.

If you have an existing audience and you don’t build a mobile product that works well, they might go somewhere else.”

See how Taco Bell created ease for their customers here.

Think Outside the Industry: How Craft Beer Is Winning the Marketing Game
Many craft breweries face ample competition and small marketing budgets (sound at all familiar?), but with a bit of ingenuity and a dedication to embracing their local communities, they’ve been able to thrive — and give some of the big breweries a run for their money.’s Abe Sauer recently looked at the marketing strategies of craft beer and how they compare to big-name beer’s efforts. A few interesting findings:

“With a 402-foot bar and 40 taps, Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery Street Pub is going city to city ‘as the ultimate craft-beer block party.’ …  It’s local, differentiated, laid back and not trying too hard. It is unique to each market and makes the brand a part of the local culture.”

Read more about craft beer’s efforts here.

Think Outside the Industry: Airlines Show Us What Not to Do
Rafat Ali of recently coined the term “hate selling” to describe the process of buying airline tickets and renting a car. The completely un-user friendly websites and long lists of restrictions and negative language lead him to conclude that, “This is what happens when you let conversion marketers run amok with customer experience. They made it a science, but forgot being human.”

Of course, maintaining that human element is essential for keeping customers happy. As Jim said in his post The Easy Math of Good Service: “Good service is the best marketing money you’ll ever spend.”

Check out a few examples of “hate selling” that Ali found here, and click here to read the full article for more insight on what you shouldn’t do to maintain happy, loyal customers.

Think Outside the Industry: The Story We’re Told About the Food We Eat
Is the story we’re told about the food we eat more important than the actual meal itself? According to a new study out of Hong Kong commissioned by the hospitality firm CatchOn, it might be.

CatchOn’s founder, Catherine Feliciano-Chon, shared her thoughts about the study’s findings via email with Fast Company, writing that consumers today appreciate a meal with a little backstory because they’re more engaged and educated than ever before. Learn more here.

Think Outside the Industry: Sprite, Snapchat & Gen Z
If you’re trying to capture the attention of Gen Z, according to PSFK, your best bet is via Snapchat, which currently has the most youthful base of the social networks with 45 percent of its users between the ages of 18 and 24.

Jennifer Passas reports that, “Sprite has effectively turned their cans into a connection tool through Snapchat’s real-time social network.” See how here.

Stay tuned as we cover topics like marketing, social media and SEO to wrap up 2015 and ring in the new year!

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