Selling Out Editors’ Picks 2015: Marketing

Can you believe 2015 is almost over? The year has certainly flown by for us. To reflect back on it, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite posts on important topics for any live entertainment marketer. Today we’re looking specifically at marketing. See some of our best posts on the topic below, along with several TEDxBroadway videos that touch on marketing as well (click on any title to read more):

4 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2016
Trend No. 1: Customer-centric will become customer-obsessive.
“We’re finally at the point where we’re not being swallowed up by wave after wave of big data, and can start using it to create more meaningful interactions.

Mobile is the vehicle that makes this happen. Few other things are as pivotal to sealing the deal as a device that the customer carries with them everywhere.” Read three more trends here.

TEDxBroadway 2015 Video: Kevin Lyman
Kevin Lyman created and still runs the Vans Warped Tour. It’s punk music, sure, but it’s also everything else that makes up the lifestyle that his audience — kids 13 to 19-year-olds — would like to see, do and be. That, as Kevin says, is a moving target, since the audiences’ brains are literally changing from day to day.

What’s great about Kevin is not only how much he knows about enthralling an audience, but his passion for teaching other people, especially young people. Jim called him the Punk Rock Professor, and that’s a name that should stick. In a world where live entertainment struggles to get younger people engaged, Kevin knows what he’s doing.

Give it a watch!

The Most Powerful Words You Can Use
Knowing which words to use for your marketing emails, social posts, websites, etc., is important. Need some pointers? Inc. compiled a list of 37 words and phrases that immediately increase your credibility. Check out a few key words below, and then read the entire article here.

The most powerful word you can use:

• You

Like most humans, your readers and listeners are primarily focused on themselves. Yes, it’s a good idea to speak or write about yourself and your experiences as a way to create a bond with your audience. But before you do that, you need to engage their attention, and the best way is to let them know right from the beginning how what you have to say will benefit them. That makes “you” the single most convincing word you can use when writing or speaking. See more powerful words here.

TEDxBroadway 2015 Video: Kirsten Sabia
Kirsten’s job is to get people to attend professional golf tournaments, and just like Broadway or any other live entertainment, there are challenges. Going out of your house is damned inconvenient! Sure, it’s a ton of fun, but how do you convince people to part with a lot of money and spend the time with you? See how she does it here.

Ed Sheeran Played a $2-a-Ticket Show and Almost No One Went — Here’s What You Can Learn From It
It sounds almost impossible: World-famous Ed Sheeran plays a show with tickets for only $2 and the promoters were struggling to get anyone to attend? But as Mashable reported, it’s true.

Now, to be fair, this wasn’t a traditional concert. As you’ll see in the video here, it was two Australian radio hosts who had set up an “Ed Sheeran Peep Show.” However, there are still a few lessons we can learn from this hilarious bit. See what they are here.

TEDxBroadway 2015 Video: Elliott Masie
Elliott’s purpose was to get the group thinking about how the arts (including theater) could be more ‘connected.’ And he didn’t mean (necessarily) connected to the internet. He meant to be connected in places where there are currently disconnections. He talked about the role of so-called big data in this and the role of creativity. Later in the day, he led a brainstorming session to determine some ideas that will be used later this year in the Broadway Hackathon, which you can hear more about in this talk, too.

See our previous posts on the best Think Outside the Industry posts from 2015 here, our best SEO posts here and our best social media posts here — and stay tuned as we cover more topics to wrap up 2015 and ring in the new year!

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