See What Chelsea Lately’s Claire Titelman Is Inspired By

Over on the new Goldstar blog is a series of Q&As with inspiring, creative people. First up is actor-comedian Claire Titelman. Read all about her love for L.A. theater, Broadway, Taylor Swift and more on the Goldstar Pulse, or check out a few fun excerpts below:

ClaireTitelman1Tell us about what you do.
I’m a comedian, actor and writer in L.A. I was on E!‘s Chelsea Lately and I’ve been on TV shows like New Girl and Parks & Rec. I do stand-up festivals like SF Sketchfest and Bridgetown and was also a semifinalist for the Andy Kaufman Award. I live in Venice! I love the beach! I wish I had my own parking spot!

What personal project are you most excited about now?
I’m working on a project about a particular period of my life. Right now it’s in the form of a solo show. It’s called Filthy, and it’s just about me being a mess. (It’s very easy to write because unfortunately I don’t have to make anything up.)

Have you ever improvised a creative solution that saved a project from failing?
Just last week! I did a two-night workshop of the solo show I’m developing, and the first night a lot of the stuff I was developing just straight-up didn’t work, so the second night I threw it all out and did something new. (A lot of it I made up on the spot.) It felt like a very risky move, but it went great and I was very happy I improvised.

What types of live events do you go to most? What would you like to do more often?
I tend to go to live theater a lot. I love the Geffen, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, and those little local black box theaters. (Just saw a great production of The Homecoming at the Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice — thanks Goldstar!) L.A. is nice year-round, so I’d like to take more advantage of the outdoor activities. And no one wants to go stand-up paddle boarding with me.

Tell us about a live show that excited and inspired you.
Harold Pinter’s Betrayal. I saw it at Shakespeare and Co. in the parlor of the house Edith Wharton lived in, in Lenox, Mass. I love Pinter and the space was so intimate. Showed me you don’t need a big stage and that a two-hander can be as powerful as a cast of 20.

Do you have a favorite musical, band, sports team …?
Fun Home. Saw it at The Public in NYC last year and it totally blew me away. I’ve never been very into musicals, but it was really exciting to see a musical that delved into real, timely issues about sexuality and family. I laughed, cried and laugh-cried. (It wasn’t pretty.)

What have you seen recently that you recommend to all your friends and family?
A show I’m excited about going to is Vegas Nocturne, which is coming to Three Clubs in L.A. It’s directed by John Gilkey, and he always does physical theater that’s funny, dark and totally wild.

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