Royal Shakespeare Company Makes Much Ado About Something

Where have you heard the following lines before? “If music be the food of love, play on.” Or, “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” Was it that hot new rapper or … Shakespeare?

It’s hard to say, right? That’s the lesson Royal Shakespeare Company is underlining with their new app, called RE: Shakespeare.

According to the RSC’s director of education, Jacqui O’Hanlon: “It’s trying to capture the imagination of young people who might have a preconception that Shakespeare is boring and irrelevant, and actually have them discover or rediscover that this language is potent and political and powerful. Powerful just the same way that a lot of hip-hop lyrics are: language is power. It’s inviting students to think again about Shakespeare’s language.”

Jim has shared his thoughts on whether a live entertainment/arts organization should try to “get ‘em young” in his post, What Does “Get ‘Em When They’re Young” Mean for Live Entertainment? He offered two reasons — and a third pseudo-reason, below — why we should try to get ‘em young:

“Third, if you get these kids into your show today and dazzle them, they’ll go … somewhere when they’re grown-ups. I’ll be honest with you, it probably won’t be your venue, but then you probably won’t be working there in 20 years anyway. But I promise, if they start going to things instead of sitting at home watching TV or playing Candy Crush, they’ll be out there …

Your future colleagues thank you!”

Read more about the app here.

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