Repping for Kids Is Good Business

In his post, More About Making Great Work for Children, Jim wrote about how children are a great audience for live entertainment that isn’t being served well. He added:

“One of the reasons that not enough of this content is being produced is that there’s a false assumption that if it’s ‘for’ children, it isn’t ‘for’ non-children.”

New York’s Soho Rep is jumping into the children’s theater game with their first-ever all-ages production, Washeteria.

“An all-ages audience shouldn’t be mutually exclusive with innovative, sophisticated, formally inventive art making,” Soho Rep’s artistic director Sarah Benson told The Wall Street Journal.

According to the article, Ms. Benson hopes the project expands experimental artists’ notions of who their audience is — or could be. Children, Ms. Benson said, are in many ways an ideal audience for avant-garde work: “They’re inherently full of wonder and they’re not coming in with preconceptions, with a mental checklist of what an evening of theater should be.”

The production also went into a local school and worked with 125 second-graders for seven weeks, letting them watch rehearsals, learn the ropes and even asking them for their feedback — which is also a great way to, as Jim has said before, get ’em while they’re young.

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