Remember These Customer Service Tips

Customer service matters … a lot. We’ve shared Pro Tips from our own team (see them below), and now we’re sharing lessons from Jill Schiefelbein that she highlights for Entrepreneur after experiencing her own customer service failure. See one of her tips below:

“Don’t let your processes inconvenience your customer

Look at your processes. How you take orders. How you answer calls. How you distribute products. Whatever your business model is, I encourage you to really examine your processes. Are they convenient for you? Are they convenient for your customer?

Then, one step further, how does the process make your customer feel? …

What do your processes communicate about your brand?

As much as possible, let your customer control their purchase journey. The more they feel in control, the safer and more secure they’ll feel doing business with you. When people feel safe and secure they make faster decisions, and decisions that often result in purchasing more than originally planned. …”

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